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10 Aug 2016

Mould & Matic presents latest blow-moulding machines

Mould & Matic launches the Blowliner Medium at K show in Duesseldorf


The K 2016 event in Duesseldorf, Germany is to be the venue for Mould &

Matic’s presentation of an innovative product for the injection-, stretch- and

blow-moulding sector. This newly designed machine for single-stage blow

moulding convinces on the basis of production quality and individual size



The key features of Mould & Matic’s new Blowliner Medium machine include

productivity combined with greater flexibility. This new Kiefel subsidiary will be

introducing itself at October’s K 2016 trade event in Düsseldorf with a two-row

series production tool for blow-moulded items.


The decisive competitive advantage lies in the single-stage

injection/stretching/blowing procedure, which Mould & Matic completes with

consistent production quality. All the machine movements of the stretch/blowmoulding

station are actuated by a servo-electric system designed for

maximum control of the process. Cooperation with a renowned partner

guarantees the provision of the best injection moulding technology in the

entire sector, while ensuring a combination of maximum productivity, reliable

processing and consistent product quality. This combination of production

machines delivers a configuration designed for maximum energy-saving.

The performance of the Blowliner Medium is such that it can produce

approximately 10 to 30 million items (a figure based on 0.5-litre containers) per

year. The integrated removal device picks up the blow-moulded bottles and

positions them precisely on the conveyor belt for subsequent handling by the

stacking System.


Individual dimensions


Mould & Matic offers everything from a single source, from initial product

development right up to the fully automated series production of plastic

packaging items. This leading system supplier of production items for the

thermorming and injection/blow-moulding technology sector now intends to

start delivering the Blowliner in various sizes for the individual productivityrelated

benefit of the customers concerned. The Blowliner Medium machine is

to make its public debut this October at the K 2016 trade fair in Duesseldorf.


K 2016 - Trade Fair for the Plastics and Rubber Industry

19th – 26th October 2016 in Duesseldorf, Germany

Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH: Hall 1 / C 40

The Innovation with Injection Stretch Blow Moulding