The Innovation with Injection Stretch Blow Moulding

With the blowliner KIEFEL Packaging develops and manufactures the whole process chain, from the granulat and the final shaped bottle to the automated downstream process. It unites unique quality, flexibility and productivity.


Format relevant volumes from 5ml to 10,000ml allow a production output ranging from 500 to 10.000 pcs./hours.


The Blowliner is our newest development and can be used wherever the classical 2-stage preform and blow moulding systems do not offer preform technology or only inflexible offers are available.

So there is nothing to prevent the integration of the Blowliner at filling companies.


Optimise your logistics and organise production from the granulate to the completed bottle as close as possible to your filling facilities.


KIEFEL Packaging will integrate the unit individually customised to your needs.