Thermoforming Automation

Thermoforming Automation

We guarantee premium quality automation solutions

tuned up to your individual requirements.

Additionally to the mould we provide the appropriate automation solution. We guarantee individual, tuned up to your individual requirements designs and highest quality.


Optimise your production with the automation machinery by KIEFEL Packaging.

Pick-up Stacker

The equipment of the Pick-up Stacker series were developed to minimise the unloading time of the products and optimise the stacking and packaging process.


The Pick-up Stacker distinguishes by its particularly fast unloading time und allows up to 50 cycles per minute. The unloading and stacking process is mandrel-driven and allows the processing of thin-walled containers with high speed and highest quality.


All devices are equipped with a user-friendly, independent control system, therefore they can be adapted to every conventional thermoforming tilting machine.


The Pick-up Stacker is available in 3 types:

  • Pick-up Stacker Compact
  • Pick-up Stacker semi-automatic
  • Pick-up Stacker automatic

Modular Cup Packer

Optimise your production with the innovative and highly efficient packers from KIEFEL Packaging.

The particular benefits of the master among the horizontal packers, the Modular Cup Packer:

  • hygienic
  • saving space
  • fast
  • cost efficient
  • flexible

The MCP customises perfectly all your demands because of its modular structure. It can stack up to 30 cup stacks per minute without any problems.

The MCP is so multifunctional that you can integrate it not only in thermoforming machines but in moulding and cup printing machines too.


The Vertipacker provides effective, simple and fast packing of counted cup-stacks in boxes.

Endless Stacker

Endless stackers by KIEFEL Packaging provide for the safe and accurate destacking of articles from the thermoforming machine. They are stacked in endless chutes according to the mould layout.

The endless stackers are the ideal choice being introduced to world of thermoforming at low costs.

Special Solutions

KIEFEL Packaging provides you with customised automation solutions, project and customer related as you wish.

Examples are packaging- and inspection lines.